Over 200 Mourners Gather for the Funeral of a Disabled Man Who Drowned as Teenagers Laughed and Filmed

Thirty-one-year-old Jamel Dunn, a resident of Florida, died on July 9 after drowning in a retention pond in Cocoa, Florida but it took several days before his body was discovered on July 14.

Policemen in the city of Cocoa discovered that a five teenagers ages 14 to 16 made a video of Dunn’s death. It was filed on the afternoon of July 9th in Cocoa, Florida when Jamel entered the water.

Photo from DailyMail

On the video, you would hear how Dunn screamed for help and these kids just laughed. You could just hear the kids breaking out in laughter and mocking him. As soon as Jamel lost his struggle for his life, one of the teens just said: “Oh, he just died.

According to DailyMail, Cocoa Police Department spokesperson said that these kids were smoking marijuana and saw him walk into the water. He walked on his own and they were just watching him. They did, however, post their recordings online and apparently, it went viral.

The over 200 mourners who went to his funeral wore red at the request of the family at Zion Orthodox Primitive Baptist Church. Some wore shirts printed with his photos. His casket was red and was taken by horse and carriage to Riverview Memorial Gardens for the funeral.

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Pastor Jarvis Wash officiated the funeral as reported on Florida Today. Pastor Wash said that he couldn’t understand how the teens that witnessed the tragic happening just watched and didn’t do anything; worse than that, they laughed at him.

Photo from DailyMail

Florida prosecutors are still in the process to determine whether to file charges against the teens. According to the legal experts, even though what the teens did was immoral, the teens had no obligation to save Jamel. Furthermore, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy summarized that across the U.S. there’s no general duty to render aid to someone in distress.

Dunn is survived by two children, Jamyah Dunn and Zaharah Brookens; his mother, Gloria Dunn; his father, Maurice Bush; two sisters, Simone McIntosh and Cierra McIntosh; two brothers, Martell Dunn and Rafeal Dunn; his fiancee, RonDanelle Williams; nine aunts; and eight uncles.