25 Outrageously Misspelled Tattoos That Will Make You Droop

Posted by Buzzer Jasmin

Getting a tattoo is like writing on a piece of paper with permanent ink. There’s very little way to get rid of it. Of course you can remove it if you want, but the mark will still be there to remind you of what was written before. That’s the reason why before getting yourself inked, you got to make sure about what to ‘inscribe’.

But these guys, or gals, don’t seem to realize that truth, and got themselves a ridiculously misspelled tattoo.  What’s funnier is the fact that some were impossible to cover under their clothes.

Photo Credit: vamshare.com

Photo Credit: vamshare.com

That’s love, then.

Here are 25 tattoo fails that will make you laugh so hard your stomach might hurt.

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