One-armed Jollibee Crew Earns Admiration from Netizens; He Works Really Fast

He might only have one arm but a service crew at a Jollibee outlet went viral because he moves really fast despite his disability. It was also quite impressive that he would be working as service crew at the fast food outlet even though he only has one arm.

Netizen Clairey Magas Ocampo was dining with her family when she noticed the service crew clearing up a table inside a Jollibee outlet Guagua, Pampanga. She was quite impressed at how he managed to work this fast and so efficiently even with his disability.

Photo credit: Clairey Magas Ocampo / Facebook

It was also quite remarkable that the Jollibee outlet had hired him, considering how fast-paced the work is inside the store. This prompted a lot of netizens to also praise this unnamed young man’s manager for hiring him to that store and giving him a chance to prove that people like him might not have complete limbs, yet they can also do the job as well as those with complete arms.

If you don’t really look closely at the young man clearing the table inside that outlet, you might not even notice that he only had one arm. Such is his efficiency in doing his job.

Photo credit: Clairey Magas Ocampo / Facebook

As can be seen in the video shared by Ocampo, the service crew swiftly cleared up the table, making sure the place was spotless. His movement might be partially restricted by the fact that he only had one arm, yet this did not stop him from actually completing the work just as fast as any other service crew.

After he was done, he picked up the tray and moved to bring it to the dishwashing area.

Photo credit: Clairey Magas Ocampo / Facebook

Impressed by what she had witnessed, Ocampo shared the video on Facebook where it would go viral. The clip has since been watched over 1.1 million times!

Just like Ocampo, many netizens admired this young man for his hard work and determination.

Kudos to you!

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Posted by Clairey Magas Ocampo on Sunday, November 4, 2018