Old Man Casually Drinking Coffee at Flooded Starbucks Shop Goes Viral, Sparks Memes

As Hong Kong braced for incessant rains and floods from Supertyphoon Haima, some areas were already flooded even before the storm reached the areas as it brought 70 millimeters of rain. Even the shopping districts were not spared of the floods.

But in a shopping center in Chai Wan, an old man was photographed casually reading the paper and drinking his coffee at a Starbucks outlet despite the whole place being flooded!

Photo credit: Facebook / tvmosthk - BuzzFeed
Photos by Facebook / tvmosthk – BuzzFeed

The photo immediately went viral on social and sparked memes. It seems that a lot of people were so impressed by the old man who wasn’t the least bit concerned with the floods and the coming typhoon.

Minutes later, a young man joined the old “Starbucks Uncle”.


Check out some of the memes and hilarious Photoshopped versions of the old man as Redditors placed him in movie stills and various popular photos. There were some photos which used the one with the younger guy.

Photo credit: Facebook / tvmosthk - BuzzFeed

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