OFW Sent Home by Employer Just 2 Months after Arriving in Saudi, But She’s Now Stuck at the Airport

Many Filipinos actually dream of going abroad to enjoy higher salaries so they can live better lives and provide a better future for their families. But while many have found good fortune in their work abroad, a lot of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) had bad luck in their stint away from home.

An OFW named Honelyn Pequiro recently figured in a viral post by another Filipina in Saudi Arabia who noticed her crying at the airport.

Photo credit: Cinta Kamu / Facebook

Netizen Cinta Kamu shared that Honelyn had asked them for help while they were at the airport. Honelyn tearfully explained that she was at the airport with no money and none of her things with her.

She claimed that her employers make her work a lot, even if her body could no longer do it; thus, she refused to get out of her room. Her employers later promised to take her to the hospital for a check-up but she was taken to the airport and she was not even able to take anything with her.

Photo credit: Cinta Kamu / Facebook

Although the employer had bought her plane tickets for home, she was not given any money. What’s worse, she was left at the airport and the employer did not provide her assistance.

And though she had plane tickets, she was unable to board her flight back to the Philippines because the airport officials were looking for her iqama but she could not produce the document because she was still new to Saudi and her employers had not gotten her one.

So, Honelyn is stuck at the airport – and her plane had long flown to the Philippines without her on board.

Photo credit: Cinta Kamu / Facebook

She claimed that she had not eaten for 3 days; thus, some kind-hearted Pinoys gave her some food. Cinta, the video uploader, shared that her uncle had called the Philippine consulate to report Honelyn’s situation but because they also had flights to take, they were unsure what happened next.

We hope Honelyn was saved by representatives from the Philippine government.

Sources: Cinta Kamu / Facebook