Nostradamus’ Alarming and Terrifying Predictions for 2017

Nostradamus was a French-born physician who got a ‘second awakening’ from which he was able to make predictions of the future.  According to the book known as prophecies, he would spend hours in front of his study hall, meditating at night with a bowl full of water and herbs. Those were the times that he got into trance and saw what is coming in the future.

Some people didn’t see him as a prophet as they believe he was just a regular guy who wrote some comments about the future but others credited him for predictions of the French revolution, the rise of Hitler and Napoleon, up to the September 11 terrorist attack.

He might be the man that can see the future but some people think of him as just a man who just talks nonsense.

Anyway, here are some of his predictions for the world this 2017.

Italy would soon face financial difficulties

Image by Operation World

It is not clear yet but it said that this would cause most people to lose their jobs or something like that.  Such financial crisis would be felt by most European countries.

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