No Camera Tricks: 33 Photos of the World’s Largest Dogs

We all know that camera tricks can easily make small things appear bigger, even look like giants if we wanted but such tricks weren’t used in taking snapshots of the dogs we feature below – dogs that can easily be the largest in the world!

Of course, we also know that there are dogs whose breeds are really huge and make them appear as giants among other dogs but it is still amazing to watch and see how these dogs truly look, especially with their owners or with smaller dogs of familiar breed.

We understand how big a challenge it can be for these owners to care for these dogs and train them for stuff, especially because their large size can make them potentially dangerous to smaller dogs and to humans – not because they can be aggressive (which also happens, actually) but because their huge size makes it easier for them to knock out a grown up human being even if they are actually just playing!

So, here are some of the world’s largest dogs. If you have photos of other gigantic dogs, feel free to share them with us…

This Great Dane makes a tough babysitter…

Photo credit: Press Room VIP / imgur
Photo credit: Press Room VIP / imgur

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