Nicki Manaj is Launching a Charity to Help More Students

Nicki Minaj, one of the biggest rap superstars in the world, is getting praises after she decided to spend thousands of dollars of her own money to help out less fortunate American college students.

A twitter user named CJ, a 21-year-old student, dropped Minaj a tweet saying “Well you wanna pay for my tuition?” after seeing a message from the rapper to her international fans that she will pay for their airfare from any country if they won a contest to spend time with her at the upcoming Billboard music awards in Las Vegas.

Unexpectedly, Minaj replied, “Sure – as long as your grades are good enough.

Image from Jezebel

Over the next hours, more students joined CJ by sharing their desperation to Minaj. Amazingly, the rapper offered support to more than 30 students in the form of tuition fees or assistance in paying college loans. She also asked her fans to send proof of their grades and of their financial need.

The beneficiaries included Liyah, who asked for $1,548 to enroll in college for next year plus $250 for books; Onika who needed $700 to pay off back loans before she could return to school; and Ashley who asked for $500, to pay off her tuition.

After one week since she offered help to her fans, she revealed on her Instagram account that she already made her first round of payments and she will launch an official organization to help even more.