Netizens Joke about Getting Toothache Every Day, After Photos of Gorgeous Dentist Go Viral

People hate going to the dentist, or the doctor for that matter, but things might be a little different if the medical practitioner is gorgeous, right?

When photos of a gorgeous dentist went viral on social media, hundreds of netizens commented that if she was their dentist, they would surely get toothache every day – just so they can see her daily! LOL. Silly guys, really.


Photo credit: BEKIMON / Facebook

Others joked that they would gladly have each and every single tooth in their mouths removed by the gorgeous dentist who was identified as Dr. Marjan Nassiri; then, they would go back daily for dental implants or to arrange for porcelain false teeth.

Of course, no one in their right mind would really do those things for real but let’s just let these guys have fun and make them think that this gorgeous dentist will attend to them…

Check out photos of the gorgeous dentist, dubbed by some as the most beautiful dentist in the world. Hmmmmm. Do you agree?