Netizens Buy All the Demonetized Bills Saved by PWD after Cousin Seeks Help on FB

Netizens rallied to help the family of a person with disability (PWD) turn his useless, demonetized cash savings into valid paper money; the story has gone viral, with people saying their faith in humanity has been restored…

When the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) announced the demonetization of the ‘New Design Series’, now better known as the ‘Old Banknote Series’, information campaigns were widely done to ensure that the people would exchange their old banknotes with the ‘New Generation Currency’.

Officially launched in 2010, the new currency had better security features than the old one. The old currency has since been demonetized starting January 1, 2017; however, the BSP would give more deadline extensions after much clamor from netizens.

Photo credit: BSP

In 2018, however, no more extensions were given even for those with pitiful circumstances as to why the old bills were never exchanged to the new ones.

Late in December 2018, Karen Corro Habal sought the help of Facebook users, in hopes that someone could enlighten them on what to do after the family found the savings stash of her cousin Raymond, a PWD.

Karen’s PWD cousin had been saving money for years, but no one knew about it until her aunt discovered the money. Sadly, all the paper bills in that savings stash have been demonetized. This means that they no longer hold any value and could not be exchanged, even at the BSP.

Photo credit: Facebook / Karen Corro Habal

The family actually tried to explain the situation at the local office of the BSP but were told that there was nothing that can be done. Karen was sad for the family, especially because Raymond’s family badly needed the money.

Raymond lives with his elderly mother who has also become sickly and in need of medications; the money, amounting to over Php38,000, would surely be a great help for them.

Many netizens would quickly tag popular civic-oriented TV shows like Raffy Tulfo in Action and Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. Everyone hoped that these shows could help urge the BSP to re-extend the deadline.

Of course, it was highly likely that though the shows would ask the BSP to reverse its decision, the request will not be granted. Knowing this, a number of netizens began to offer to buy the money.

Photo credit: Facebook / Karen Corro Habal

Even though the money no longer holds value, these kindhearted people understood they could not really use the cash but they could, at least, help someone in need. Little by little, the money would get sold – and the biggest buyer is someone from a group of PWD advocates who bought as much as Php15,000 of the bills.

Other netizens pitched in to help. Soon, all the bills were sold out – and there was still some extra cash that they were able to collect Php41,330 (in the new currency). That is the old face value of the demonetized bills that Raymond had collected!

Indeed, our faith in humanity has been restored. It still is awesome to know that there are still people who are willing to help one another in time of need…

guys, pahelp naman baka may makapagbigay ng idea.. pinsan ko kasi sa bicol nakaipon ng 38k, recently lang nadiscover ng…

Posted by Karen Corro Habal on Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Sources: BSPFacebook / Karen Corro Habal