Netizen Shares Pictures of a Lost Dog, Hoping to Find Its Owner

Dogs are always considered to be man’s best friend. Dog owners would not consider them as just pets but instead as companions in their everyday life. It would be a sad scene to see an abandoned pet and you’d want to do something just to make sure they can be taken care of.

Facebook user John Matthew Lucido is one of the few that shared the story of a lost dog that was spotted at Camp John Hay in Baguio City. From what John Matthew gathered from a local vendor, the dog appeared to have been abandoned by its owner and it would always go to the same spot everyday. There were people that were nice enough to give food so that it won’t get hungry.

Image Credit: John Matthew Lucido/Facebook

Additional rumors circulated that the owner was a foreigner who left him, and the dog has been roaming the place for three years already.

News of the lost dog spread and it reached the Baguio Animal Lovers League. They were concerned with the dog’s welfare since Camp John Hay is a very busy place and they were able to coordinate with its Business Center so that they can be allowed to work within the park to find and save it. Mayor Georgina Salazar-Guillen of the province of Piddig, Ilocos Norte, who was a supporter of the animal welfare group, offered to give a reward to anyone that can help catch the dog.

Image Credit: Baguio Animal Lovers League/Facebook

The Baguio Animal Lovers League made a post to give updates on their attempts to get to the dog so that it could be taken care of. They would spot the dog and it would approach them, but it would run away again afterwards.

This story did have a happy ending. The real owner contacted BALL and they were able to get her and the dog reunited. Chaby the dog was not lost for three years, as per the rumors, but instead went missing from March 23. There were fireworks on that day that caused Chaby to get spooked and he ran away to hide. BALL gave a gentle reminder through the comments section of what to do with your dogs if there are fireworks as they are very sensitive to very loud noises.

Image Credit: Baguio Animal Lovers League/Facebook

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