Netizen Shares a Food Delivery Driver’s Dilemma With a Cancelled Order

The use of food delivery apps is becoming popular lately. You can easily use those apps so that another person can order the food in your place and then deliver it to you, too. It’s very convenient, but one Facebook post showed an unknown side of the service.

Facebook user Christly Jean Monta shared what she accidentally overheard while she was waiting for a taxi. She then tried to look for the person that she heard and tried to take a quick snapshot.

The driver works for a popular ride-sharing app’s other feature which is its own food delivery option. Through this, if the driver accepts the order, he’ll act as the customer’s proxy in buying the food. The driver would usually pay for it and he would get “reimbursed” once the customer pays him once the delivery is done.

What Christly Jean overheard was that the driver was trying to sell the food that he already bought for a customer to someone else. What had happened was that he got stuck in traffic and even though he was already close to the customer’s location, they became upset because of the late delivery, scolded the driver because of it, and then cancelled the order. The driver was then left with unclaimed food and he became worried because he can’t get back the money that he used to pay for it.

Christly Jean closed her post with saying that if people would want to use the food delivery apps, they should consider the welfare of the driver, how the driver stayed in queue just to order the food, and how heavy the traffic might be when he is on his way. She also added that if the person who ordered can’t consider those and would cancel because the driver was late, they should just buy the food themselves.

You can read Christly Jean’s post here:

So accidentally while walking I heard this guy begging na ibenta nalang sa iba yung naorder nya “grabfood driver” po…

Posted by Cristly Jean Monta on Wednesday, April 10, 2019