Much-Talked About Show in Milan Fashion Week Makes Acne Finally Fashionable

We all desire to have perfect, poreless, acne-free skin. Aside from a strong indicator that our skin is in top shape, acne just doesn’t look too hot, or fashionable. Until now.

In the recently concluded Milan Men’s Fashion Week, those poreless look days seem to be coming to an end. Acne may actually, finally be fashionable.

Malaysian designer Moto Guo’s show in Milan had every single model on the runway with acne. It’s not cute, fake pimple marks either – it’s the kind that most of us can relate too – red and glaring.

The show, entitled “Picnic in the Society” had models wearing oversized cute, craft store style kind of clothes. The show was capped off with the models strutting their final walk to the song from The Sound of Music, “So Long, Farewell.” The models all looked like schoolchildren from the 1930s. The runway seemed like a school hallway – with the acne-littered faces of the models adding the perfect touch.

This isn’t really a surprise since fashion shows have been the avenue by which designers try to make what is traditionally unattractive, attractive. Oversized clothes. Crimped hair. This is what Moto Guo might be attempting to do as well by making acne chic.

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK
Photo credit: Cosmopolitan UK

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