10 Most Irritating Text Messages We Receive. #8 Annoys Me Everytime

Posted by Buzzer Jasmin

Who doesn’t know how to send text messages? Okay, so that’s an overstatement, but ever since the development of short messaging service or SMS or text messaging as another method of communication, people often use the system to send word across. And we have developed a deep liking on text messaging that we learn to tweak the texting norm a bit ie. shortening of words or use of emojis.

But did you know that despite a person’s mastery of the system, there are still irritating types of text messages that annoy people.

Source: Javipas

Source: Javipas

TO NON-TEXTERS: Not all calls are worth answering. You need to learn how to send text messages, too, sometimes. LOL! 

Here are the 10 Most Irritating Text Messages we receive probably on a daily basis. Go check how you send SMS and see if you are one of them.
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