Mom’s ‘Proud Parenting’ Moment Goes Viral after She Sees Son Helping Old Lady

As parents, we all wish that our children will grow up successful and that they are well-mannered. Raising these kids is a reflection of what we are as parents.

One mom recently posted a ‘proud parenting’ moment when she spotted her son helping an old lady without being asked.

Dashawn Butler, 13, had asked to be dropped at the mall to meet up with some friends. But the teen didn’t immediately get inside the mall because he saw an old lady struggling with her cane and shopping bag.

Photo credit: Maria Lopez / Yahoo! Lifestyle

Without being told to do so, the teen offered help. He took the old lady’s plastic bag and guided her across the parking lot towards her car.

His mom, Maria Lopez, was so proud seeing her son doing this that she followed the two around the parking lot to take a video, all the while gushing over how much she loves her son and how proud she is that he is turning out to be a wonderful young man.

Maria posted the video on social media so Dashawn’s great-grandmother could watch it. Soon enough, the video went viral.

But Dashawn didn’t even think it was a big deal.

I just saw her struggling, and I really thought she needed help. Once I helped her, she said her legs were really bad,” Dashawn shared with Yahoo! Lifestyle.

She told me she thought she wouldn’t make it on her own. I said, ‘Don’t worry, I got you’ I said. She was very surprised and shocked. She didn’t know that anybody would really come and help.

Yet many people were impressed by the teen’s actions.

Photo credit: DL Hughley / Yahoo! Lifestyle

There’s no amount of success you can achieve that can compare to raising a good child,” comedian DL Hughley wrote as he reposted pictures of the young man and his good deed.

We definitely agree!

Source: Yahoo! Lifestyle, Instagram / DL Hughley