Mom Feeds Son Who Has Been Playing A Video Game For 48 Hours

Playing video games is a way of relaxing or passing time for some. Some games lately are even online wherein you can play with or against other people from all over the country or even around the world. The popular games now are the “battle royale” games where groups of players are put in an area and they gather weapons and resources to battle each other until only one remains, who will be hailed as the sole winner.

Lilybeth Marvel is a mother of a boy who loves to play an online game called “Rules of Survival.” She was concerned that her son won’t eat and has been playing the game at an internet cafe in Nueva Ecija for 48 hours already. As a concerned mother, she did what she thought best to do: Bring food to her son and feed him while he is playing.

Image Credit: Lilybeth Marvel Garcia/Facebook

As what is shown in the Facebook video that went viral, she brought food to her son. Armed with fried fish and rice, she started feeding him using her hands. As she entered the internet cafe, she was saying that she feels sorry that her son might not be eating right, and that he might end up going home the next day after playing the video game.

She even offered to bring the vitamins that his grandmother brought for him.

The original video in Facebook has since been deleted because there were a lot of hateful comments directed to her son. Lilybeth then posted a message to say that the video was “just for laughs,” and it should have not been taken seriously. She said it was her way to show that you can make your child understand what you want without lifting a hand against them.

A follow-up video was uploaded, this time showing her giving her son the vitamins that she mentioned from the previous video.

Part2 na tayo mga bhezz katuwaan lng PO#byrequest

Posted by Lilybeth Marvel Garcia on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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