Milk Tea Customer Gets Negative Comments from Staff, Owner After He Gave His Opinion on Their Product

The milk tea craze that started a few years ago is still hot until now. From just a few stores, there are now so many shops you can’t count them with all of your fingers. Each shop tries to sell their product with their own special gimmick or flavor just so they can have an edge against their competitors, but some might have tried to do it too far.

Facebook user Jomar Lloyd Castro Cruz shared his opinion after trying a new milk tea shop in Makati City. They tried out the recommended blend which was priced at 220 Pesos. After tasting it, he felt that it was too pricey for a milk tea that tasted like any regular one that he decided to share his opinion in Instagram. He took a picture and added the caption, “Sorry, pero sayang pera.” (Sorry, but this is a waste of money.)

Image Credit: Jomar Lloyd Castro Cruz/Facebook

An Instagram user that claims to be a staff of the milk tea shop commented on Jomar’s post, starting with the explanation of the price and that it is because of the packaging and the service that they provide. She then went on to say that a person’s taste can be subjective and that he might be better suited with cheaper brands.

Jomar responded by saying that the last line was offensive for a customer and that the milk tea’s packaging was cheaply made to say that it would match its price. He also added that comments like his should be used to improve the product and not to attack the customer, to which she replied and said she is sorry that “he wasted his money and it’s your loss, not mine.”

Image Credit: Jomar Lloyd Castro Cruz/Facebook

Another Instagram user commented and claimed to be the owner of the shop. He quickly explained that their actual cups are still in Taiwan and has yet to arrive. He also said his staff is just trying to be engaging with their customers in a fun and sarcastic way, and pointed out that his employee’s line about Jomar being better suited with cheaper milk tea brands has a point, and that he should take it easy with the responses that they were making.

Image Credit: Jomar Lloyd Castro Cruz/Facebook

He was able to take screenshots of the comments and posted them all in his Facebook account and he said there were more comments but by the next day, all of them appear to have been deleted. He added that the way they commented should not be done by any business owner and negative comments should be used to improve your product or service instead.

You can find Jomar’s post here:

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Posted by Jomar Lloyd Castro Cruz on Wednesday, February 6, 2019