This Guy Made Use Of Discarded Books To Create Incredible Book Art

Most people love to read books. And some love to do it so much that when they liked the story they read, they tend to read them over and over again. Just like watching the movies, right? But we can’t deny the fact that despite most people’s love for books, there will always be discarded, good-as-trash books that we can’t keep. What can we do to keep these books still useful?

Photo Credit: Facebook | Mike Stilkey
Photo Credit: Facebook | Mike Stilkey

Here is where Mike Stilkey got his insipiration: from those many discarded books.

Aside from donating these books, a California artist from Tarzana, Mike Stilkey found a way to turn discarded books into masterpieces. Here are 14 of his magnificent book paintings/sculptures. Really now, a true-blooded artist can make anything his canvas for artwork.

Check out his Facebook page here for more of his work.

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