McDo Guard Lovingly Makes ‘Bed’, Moves Street Kid Sleeping on Traffic Cone

Life in the streets can be really difficult. Many of these people just sleep wherever they feel too tired to move; and many of the kids don’t even have parents to care for them.

One security guard in from Paombong, Bulacan recently went viral for a kind deed he made for a street kid sleeping outside the McDonald’s Outlet he was working in.

Khim Salamat Banaag was with friends, dining at McDonald’s when they noticed a guard carefully laying down a flattened out cardboard box on the sidewalk right next to the store. Puzzled, they watched what the guard would do next.

Photo credit: Facebook / Khim Salamat Banaag

Moments later, the kindhearted guard moved towards a street kid who was sleeping while resting his back on a traffic cone at the parking space outside the store. He carefully picked up the kid and moved him to the makeshift bed at the sidewalk, allowing the kid to stretch his tired legs and sleep in a better position.

The security guard certainly did this out of the kindness of his heart but had no idea that a customer was watching him do it. His kind deed would soon go viral after Khim shared the photos.

Photo credit: Facebook / Khim Salamat Banaag

The kind guard was identified as Joselito Cunanan. Many netizens would praise him for the kind deed, saying he certainly has a better year, a better life ahead of him because this would certainly give him good karma. As a kind man, he deserves to receive a lot of blessings for what he did.

Many netizens would also tag civic-oriented TV shows like “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” so that this security guard might get featured. People would surely love to get to know him better. What a kind man!

Photo credit: Facebook / Khim Salamat Banaag

Kudos to you, Sir Joselito Cunanan!