Marine Dog with Cancer Received Hero’s Farewell Before Being Euthanized

Cena, a 10-year-old black Labrador who served the US Marines and was diagnosed with bone cancer, was given a tearful final goodbye before being put to sleep.

Image from AP

A hero’s farewell was held in honor of the dog who served as a bomb-sniffer for the Marines until he retired in 2014. Hundreds of people, including the US Marine Corps League, Michigan State Police, Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office, Muskegon City Police, Muskegon Fire Department,  turned up to say their final goodbye to Cena, who was wearing a decorated blue Marine vest.

Cena has also completed three combat tours in Afghanistan alongside his owner, Lance Cpl Jeff De Young.

Image from AP

De Young remembered his time with Cena in Afghanistan when he would carry the dog across rivers and thrown his body over him while they were under heavy fires from the Taliban. He added how Cena would keep De Young’s body warm during cold nights in the desert and comfort him when seven of his friends died in a matter of three weeks.

Two weeks ago, the military dog was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone cancer after De Young realized that Cena was not putting on any weight on his front leg.

Cena was euthanized at the USS LST 393 museum ship.

Source: Daily Mail