Man with 39 Wives and 94 Children Surprises the World with Highly Efficient and Peaceful Family

It’s hard to imagine sharing your spouse with someone else, let alone living in the same household with the other families but for one family in India, this is not a problem at all!

Officially recognized as the head of the biggest family in the world, Ziona Chana has 39 wives and 94 children. Amazingly, they all live in one household, albeit a giant mansion-like home with several dormitories for the wives and children as well as various facilities to cater to the needs of the entire family.

Chana lives with his family in Chhuanthar Run (“House of the New Generation”) located in Baktawng village. The highly efficient family lives in the mansion which has its own gardens, farm, and school.

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The mansion has its own church, Hnam Thlan Run Pui (“House of the Chosen Ones”), where Chana is also the leader. In fact, it is by having his own sect, Chana Pawl, that Chana gets away with having many wives, considering that polygamy is not legal for Hindus in India.

The sect was founded by Chana’s late brother Khuanga as a Christian revival movement. The sect was named after their family name and in honor of their father, Challian Chana.

After Chana took over, the sect was banished from their old village for some reason. This led him to find a new home for his fast-growing family.

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Because the soil in Baktawng wasn’t suited for agriculture, the family would soon change their primary livelihood from farming to carpentry; though they still kept a small farm and garden for the family’s needs. This was necessary, actually, as a typical family dinner consists of 30 chickens, 132 lbs of potatoes, and 220 lbs of rice!

Of course, a lot of people are wondering whether the wives actually get along, considering they are so many.

Surprisingly, though, the family is peaceful and highly efficient!

There are no disputes or disagreements in this house or in our sect. That’s because everybody adheres to rules laid down by Pu Chana and has imbibed the values of charity, understanding and forgiveness that he wanted us to. There is strict discipline,” said Parlian, Ziona’s oldest son.

As for sleeping arrangements, Chana reportedly prefers to have the younger wives closer to his bedroom while he has eight wives waiting on him during the day. Meanwhile, it is his eldest wife Zathiangi who facilitates over the household, scheduling duties for the other wives and their daughters.

A dormitory for Chana’s many wives
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The system works and the wives don’t fight among each other for Chana’s attention and love.

If a family system is laid on the founding stone of mutual and genuine love and respect for each and every member, then the system is guaranteed to be a success,” said Huntharn-ghaki, one of Chana’s wives.

Can you live in such a family?

Source: Odd Culture