Man Recalls ‘Unforgettable Trip’ and How Their Travel Agency Failed to Help Them

A vacation is something that anyone would get excited for, and would prepare for. They would save up for the trip and prepare their luggage so that they won’t have anything else to worry about on the day of the trip itself. One family though was unfortunate enough to encounter a lot in just one day.

Facebook user Billyjoe Barona posted on Facebook account what happened with their trip to Sagada. According to his post, as they were nearing the house that they were staying at, they noticed that the van that they were riding was running at an unusual pace. They asked the driver, who then brushed it off and boasted that he can handle it.

A few minutes after that they suddenly hit a gutter on the road and they almost dropped over a cliff if not for a concrete barrier that stopped them.

Once the vehicle stopped the driver suddenly jumped out and didn’t come back to get them. The tour coordinator also attempted to jump out and escape, but upon seeing that he’ll drop off of a cliff on his side of the van, he tried to get out through a different way.

Residents who saw what happened all helped the passengers to get out; the children and some of the elderly were assisted through open windows, while the others were helped out after someone was able to open the back of the van. All the injured passengers were brought to the nearest hospital, while the rest were assisted by the responding police.

Billyjoe mentioned that they booked an exclusive trip with a travel agency and then they later learned that there were a couple of “joiners” with their ride and that the driver was not the designated one for the trip. He also mentioned that the driver that they was driving for the first time to Sagada.

They talked to the travel agency and they asked for a refund and total payment for their return trip, but were declined. Instead, the travel agency provided the option of either continuing the trip or they’d cancel the tour but they’d only be refunded the accommodation fee since the driver did bring them to Sagada.

Upon agreeing with the second option since they just want to have everything settled immediately, the travel agency then mentioned that they will have a P 500 penalty because they cancelled the tour. The travel agency also didn’t cover any medical expenses and they only gave the money for their return trip.

Billyjoe closed his post by stating what he learned from the experience: Be careful with picking the travel agency that you’ll hire, life is short and always be thankful for every hour that you live, and getting life insurance is important since we don’t know what could happen in the future (he added that he doesn’t sell life insurance).

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An unforgettable experience in #SagadaFirst of all Thank you Lord for the another life. We are really grateful for the…

Posted by Billyjoe Baronda on Sunday, March 3, 2019