Man Opens a Water Tank Full of Coins

We all like to set aside some money so we can have something to use on a rainy day. The easiest to save are coins, and we can just put them inside a coin bank. Coin banks can come in different shapes and sizes, but one person decided to take it to the next level.

Benigno Jun Rambo Lacap, Jr. posted in Facebook a video that seems ordinary at first. They had a large water tank that they wanted to open and they had to use a metal grinder to do so. As they were grinding the bottom to open it, one of the spectators commented, “Dahan-dahan pare, baka yung pera maano” (Be careful, you might hit the money inside.) The rest of the conversation was drowned out because of the noise made by the grinder, but you can clearly hear one of them say, “Isang taon yata bago napuno yan ah!” (It must have taken a year to get that filled!)

Image Credit: Benigno Jun Rambo Lacap Jr./Facebook

The grinding was long and noisy, but it slowly revealed the mystery contents: Coins started spilling from the opening that they’ve already made.

Image Credit: Benigno Jun Rambo Lacap Jr./Facebook

They’ve used the water tank as their own coin bank, and it was filled with 5 and 10-Peso coins. They kept grinding the bottom away and the coins continued to spill out. The coins inside were a mix of the old and new versions. Once the opening was big enough, they stopped grinding and then started collecting the coins into bins that they had nearby.

They had to shake the water tank just to get all of the coins from the inside. One of them exclaimed that they had a “pot of gold” at hand. Some of them then started to wave at the camera as they knew their video could become viral, and one of them even greeted his wife who was in Japan.

Image Credit: Benigno Jun Rambo Lacap Jr./Facebook

Watch the video here:

bago makuha ng madali ang inipon. kailangan pa e cutting un tanke ng tubig

Posted by Benigno Jun Rambo Lacap Jr. on Monday, February 25, 2019