Malaysian Woman Lies to Skip Work But Gets Busted, Loses Job

A woman named Nabila from Sungai Petani, Malaysia has found a perfect alibi for coming in late for work. She texted her boss and told her that she will be a little late because the tire of her motorbike got punctured. She even sent a picture as a proof of her situation.

Image from Shafiq Nasruddin

Nabila added that it will be alright for her if she will not get paid for the day since she still has to find a shop and have the tire changed before she can report for work.

Her considerate boss, Kak Zah, understood her situation and explained to Nabila that her pay is based on the number of hours she actually worked. She even told Nabila to just come in to work as soon as she was able to change her tires.

After about 30 minutes, Nabila received another message from Kak Zah telling her to just take a rest and do not bother to report for work anymore. She then sent Nabila a screenshot of a search she did through Google Images using the term ‘punctured motorcycle tire”. One of the search results is an exact image of the punctured tire that Nabila earlier sent her boss.

Image from Shafiq Nasruddin

Kak Zah’s husband posted a screenshot of the exchange of message between Nabila and his wife. He, then, advised people not to follow such inappropriate behavior.

Source: World of Buzz