Malaysian Teacher Allegedly Used Heated Metal Sharpener as a Student’s Punishment

A police report has been lodged against a Mathematics teacher from a primary school in Port Dickson in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia after he allegedly used a heated metal sharpener as a punishment for one of his students who was playing while he was discussing a lesson.

Reports say that the incident took place at about 11 am on July 11 when the victim, 8-year-old Mohammad Fikri Said, was playing with his classmates as the class is ongoing.

Image from Malaysian Digest

The boy’s father, Said Sudu, said in a press conference that the teacher became enraged by the incident so he heated up the metal sharpener by vigorously rubbing it on the floor and placed it on three different spots on the boy’s cheek. The act caused blisters to appear and the skin to peel off.

Apparently, the teacher slapped the boy several times on the spot where the wounds appeared.

When the father came home, he was shocked to see the wounds on his boy’s face and immediately took him to the clinic. His wife confronted the teacher through WhatsApp but he was not able to ‘provide satisfactory answers”.

A number of lawyers came forward to take the boy’s case to the court on a pro bono basis.

Source: Malaysiakini