Malaysian Student Late for School Claims He was Nearly Kidnapped

On his way to religious class, a 9-year-old boy from Kampung Jawa, Malaysia was nearly kidnapped by the passengers of a white van—the same type of vehicle which has allegedly been used to kidnap kids for human trafficking and organ theft, according to a news which recently went viral in the country.

The student narrates that while on his way to school, at about 2 PM, he stopped by a grocery store to buy snacks when he saw a white van, which apparently had a Thai registered number plate, parked near the store.

Image from Pixabay

He went out of the store when the white van stopped him from leaving. A masked man came out of the van and chased him, but the boy was able to get on his bike and pedaled towards an area where the van could not get in. Luckily, he was able to escape his would-be kidnapper.

When he told his mother this story, the mother did not waste any time and immediately filed a police report. However, the boy laer admitted that none of these things happened.

The police took the report seriously. They investigated and even went to the grocery where the boy stopped by and checked out the CCTV footage where they saw the boy and his bike, but no evidence or trace of the white van.

According to South Klang Police District Assistant Commissioner Alzafny Ahmad, the boy was, apparently, afraid of being scolded because he was late for school on the day of the alleged kidnapping attempt on him.

Source: World of Buzz