Luxury Dog Houses are Launching, Get Your Wallets Ready!

Dogs are man’s best friends and dog owners want only what’s best for their fur buddies.

Hecate Verona is a company based in London, the United Kingdom launched the very first line of luxury dog mansions. Their dog mansions use high-quality materials like hardwoods, marble, dolomite, aluminum and building water moisture resistant walls, and scratch resistant finishing. Floors are made from beech, oak, or larch. It also has walls, columns and balconies, and indoor and outdoor lighting, automated food and water systems, treats dispensers, TV and sound system.

Image from OddityCentral

These designs and manufacturing are led by a team of craftsmen with experience in yacht building. The good thing about their company is they also ask their customers’ insight about the design and they would only proceed into production once the customer is happy with the designs and features of their order.

Image from OddityCentral

“Our objective was to create a majestic and royal looking dog mansion which seeks to complement the garden and its surrounding in which it stands,” Alice Williams, Creative Director of Hecate Verona said in an interview with OddityCentral

These dog manor features “smart house technologies” that has various automated solutions to ensure that their dogs are comfortable. It includes controls for the light, heat, ventilation and air conditioning. It also has internet cabled cameras and screen that allows the owners and the pets communicate anytime at anywhere.

Currently, Hecate Verona has four different designs on their website namely, Colonial Villa, Colonial Villa Grand, Roman Imperial Mansion and Spanish Palacio.

Image from OddityCentral

The price usually starts around $40,000 and high-end models costs over $200,000. The creative minds of Hecate Verona spent over 3 years in terms of developing and conceptualizing these luxury dog houses.