Lucky Lady Receives Awesome Surprise Gifts from Bill Gates after Joining Reddit’s Secret Santa

Started in 2009, Reddit’s Secret Santa has seen the exchange of over 1,000,000 gifts these past years – making the gift exchange the largest and longest running, ever! What makes this gift exchange more exciting is that the gift exchange actually gets celebrity participants.

Take for example Microsoft Corporation’s Bill Gates. Every year, Gates joins Reddit’s Secret Santa – and considering he’s a billionaire, you’d surely expect awesome gifts from him, right? Well, he certainly does not disappoint.

Photo credit: Aerrix Laurel / imgur
Photo credit: Aerrix Laurel / imgur

This year, one lucky lady received awesome surprise gifts from Bill – and freaked out. We don’t blame her, of course, because the gifts were truly incredible!


First, Bill seemed to have scoured Aerrix Laurel’s social media profile to find what gifts she would most likely love. And here’s a photo of all the things she got from one of the world’s richest men:


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