Lovely Transformations of Pinoy Celebrities… #10 is Absolutely Stunning!

There is no denying the fact that many of today’s most beautiful and stunning celebrities started at as awkward, gangly teenagers (we all went through that phase, after all) but you’ve got to admit that how they look now sure makes you forget that they were once just cute and chubby little babies or not-so-pretty ‘ugly ducklings’ who turn into gorgeous swans.

Mind you, we don’t mean these stars were ugly when we say ‘ugly duckling’ – since the fairy tale Ugly Duckling was not really ugly but simply looked different from the other ducklings (because he wasn’t really a duckling!). LOL.

Anyway, you’ve got to check out these lovely transformations of Filipino women celebrities, as collated by LionHearTV. Do tell us which ones do you like best…

Photo credit: LionHearTV
Photo credit: LionHearTV

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