LOOK: Woman Adopts Dying Kid But Check Out How He Looks Now after Some TLC!

Back in 2015, Priscilla Morse saw some photos of a dying orphan baby who appears emaciated and weighs just 9lbs but it turned out that he’s already 7 years old but was too sick that he looks like a baby!

The baby is from Bulgaria but Priscilla, an American, decided that she was meant to be this child’s mother; thus, she told her husband David about it. Thankfully, her husband shared the same sentiment and the two began the adoption process despite actually having 4 kids of their own already.

Photo credit: Facebook / Saving Baby Ryan
Photo credit: Facebook / Saving Baby Ryan

Priscilla and David flew to Bulgaria to pick up Ryan and bring him to America. While the doctors wouldn’t believe, at first, that the child was already 7 years old, they would soon perform various tests and determined that not only does Ryan have dwarfism, he also suffers from various medical conditions including clubfoot, cerebral palsy, and scoliosis.

His body was also covered with dark hair similar to monkeys as his body’s defense mechanism to keep himself warm.

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