LOOK: Using Makeup, This Woman Can Transform Her Face to Just About Anyone!

Makeup can do wonders in making a person look much different from how she/he actually looks – yet would you believe that makeup can actually transform one person into another (in the looks department, anyway)?

Take for example Italian makeup artist Lucia Pittalis who is so good at handling makeups that she is able to transform into various famous personalities – and it seems that she could look just like anyone she wanted, if you will just give her a chance!

Check out some of her most incredible works and be amazed at how she managed to look like famous personalities such as Hulk Hogan, Sylvester Stallone’s movie characters Rambo and Rocky Balboa, and even Queen Elizabeth II.

She’s the unofficial doppelganger of Queen Elizabeth II but only with makeup, of course!

Photo credit: Lucia Pittalis
Photo credit:
Lucia Pittalis

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