LOOK: Strange Pictures Reveal a Mannequin That Could Actually Be a Corpse!

Most clothing stores these days have mannequins to showcase their best fashion items – and these mannequins truly look perfect and beautiful, of course, as the stores want to attract customers, not scare them away!

But there’s a store in Chihuahua, Mexico whose mannequin looks too real – and many believe that she could actually be a real corpse, especially because people in Mexico have this penchant for dressing up their dead like they are alive and put them in poses similar to that of people who are alive; however, such practice is done in wakes and funerals but rarely in extended periods such as that supposedly being done to this mannequin.

Photo credit: Idealist Revolution
Photo credit: Idealist Revolution

And the story about the unique mannequin at La Popular La Case De Pascualita does not end there. There’s ‘evidence’ that the mannequin is really a corpse!

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