LOOK: Meet Bon Bon, The Fabulous Cat from Thailand that Looks Like Garfield

Perhaps, you would never believe that there is a cat that resembles Garfield (cartoons).  Well, to tell you the truth, there is a cat that lives in Thailand that resembles that famous cartoon cat. He looks like the cat from that old cartoon and he is probably as greedy as Garfield.

His name is Bon Bon and like Garfield he is fluffy; but he is not as chubby like Garfield as he is fit.  His body is all covered with fluffy hair that makes him look fat.  He is already a celebrity in Thailand because of his looks.  No, he doesn’t sit all day like Garfield; instead he likes playing at the park and climbing tree.

Perhaps, what separates him from other cats is his fabulous fluffy hair. He is a star in his own right as people take pictures of him wherever he goes.

Take a look at these photos and you would know why so many people seems to be star struck with this cat.  The photos are provided below:

bonbon 1
Image by Bored Panda

Even big cats want a hug. The cat seems to enjoy being carried around.