LOOK: Lovable Photos of Moonpie, The Cow-Dog

Like people, some animals can have a lot of friends.  But Cheesecake, the capybara from a Sanctuary in Arkansas has proven that he can be friends with other kinds of animals; as long as they aren’t keen on eating him.  Guess what? He is not the only friendly animal in that place since there is also the cow named Moonpie.

friendly cow 1
Image by Viral Nova

Moonpie recently came to the Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas.  Apparently she was spotted being auctioned by a friend of the organization. This person then told the founder Janice Wolf about the cow.  When Wolf adopted her, there was no place for her yet, so she has to live with the dogs inside Janice’s house.

Here are more photos of the lovable and famous Cow-Dog:

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