LOOK: Is She the World’s Sexiest Baseball Pitcher?

While sports stars are often idolized for their prowess in the sports events they are playing, there are also those who earn praise and huge social media following not just for being great at their game but also for their good looks!

Take for example Choi Seol Hwa from South Korea who has been hailed as the “world’s sexiest baseball pitcher” after her photos during her first pitch back in 2013 went viral – and it seems that the world has not yet forgotten about her because her photos have resurfaced and going viral again as 2016 comes to an end…

Choi has her years of ballet training to thank for her extra grace and flexibility as a baseball player – but you’ve got to admit she really is just a naturally sexy lady and an excellent baseball player at that! What can you say about this lovely lady?

Photo credit: Trending News Portal
Photo credit: Trending News Portal

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