LOOK: Hilarious (and Scary!) Photos of Trump’s Face Photoshopped on Queen Elizabeth’s Pictures

Even though Donald Trump won the US presidency, he still has plenty of haters and bashers across the country and even across the world! But while there were those who protested his win by posting their sentiments on social media or even joining rallies in the streets, there were those who found creative ways to protest or even blast his win.

One of these is graphic designer Michal Krauthamer who decided to take this a bit further by Photoshopping Trump’s photos unto the pictures of Queen Elizabeth. The results are quite hilarious and even scary!

He said, “It’s not about politics. It’s about the magic of Photoshop and making you laugh.” But many people aren’t laughing.

Check out these photos and tell us what you think:

At first glance, you might not even notice there was something weird going on here…

Photo credit: Instagram / @ogtrumpqueen
Photo credit: Instagram / @ogtrumpqueen

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