LOOK: Farmer in Drought-Stricken Kenya, Spends Own Money to Deliver 3,000 Gallons of Water to Dying Animals Every Day

Kenya isn’t exactly a land with plenty of water but when drought struck the country, the humans are not the only who are suffering but the wildlife as well! The watering holes have dried up and animals were dying due to dehydration.

Pea farmer Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua was also having troubles in his own farm due to the very low supply of water but when he found out the animals in the wild were dying, he decided they were more important than his farm.

Photo credit: Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua / Facebook

So, the kindhearted farmer hired a tanker with his own money and too to delivering 300 gallons of water to the waterholes of Tvabo West National Park in his drought-stricken country so the animals will survive! Isn’t that incredible?

We aren’t receiving rain as we did before. I see my land and the animals suffering, so I decided to take water to them, if I did not do that they would die of thirst,” Mwalua told The Dodo.

He spends hours delivering the water, sometimes at night. The job is difficult but his reward was great – the animals love him!

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