LOOK: Cancer-stricken Woman Holds Solo Wedding Photoshoot to Fulfill Bucket List, Goes on Solo Honeymoon to Bali

She had always dreamed of getting a fancy photoshoot for her wedding and going on a honeymoon to Bali, Indonesia soon afterwards; so, when doctors told her she was dying of cancer but there was no groom in sight, 27-year-old Q May Chen of Taipei, Taiwan decided to fulfill her bucket list by doing these things on her own!

Chen was able to beat breast cancer a few years ago but the cancer came back with a vengeance and doctors told her that this time around, there was no hope that she could beat it again.

Faced with the advanced terminal diagnosis, Chen could have wrapped herself up in a cocoon and waited for her time to come but the feisty young lady thought she should have one last hurrah before cancer claims her life.

Photo credit: Q May Chen

But because she doesn’t have a boyfriend and don’t intend to find a fake one for the sake of fulfilling her bucket list, Chen went on a solo wedding photoshoot!

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