LOOK: After Losing Their Babies, Man Converts the Nursery to a Castle for His Wife and Hopes it Will Bring Them Babies in the Future

Castle Hope

After several months, he finally completed the room and shared all the pictures on Imgur. He also made an announcement that they will try to have a baby one last time. The post immediately earned praises, support, and words of encouragement.

Castle Hope is a very inspiring story but it has just began. The online community collectively wished and prayed for the success of their 3rd attempt to have a baby. But, whatever will happen, Castle Hope has proven that they will be able to survive whatever adversities they will encounter in life from now on.

If you want updates on their story, check for updates in Twitter via #CastleHope.

The completed Castle Hope. Photo: Velius82 via Imgur
The completed Castle Hope. Photo: Velius82 via Imgur

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