LOOK: 80-Year-Old Grandpa Debuts as Model, Shatters Stereotypes About Old People

Proving to everyone across the world that old age is no deterrent for achieving your dreams, an 80-year-old grandpa debuted on the catwalk in China’s Fashion Week – and has become an overnight internet sensation.

Deshun Wang, 80, already has a long list of successful careers – including being an actor! But old actors don’t get too many roles these days, so, he took up bodybuilding at age 50. It was something that was a huge success for the old man since not too many old people actually get into the sport, especially if they haven’t tried this when they were younger.

Photo credit: api.ning.com
Photo credit: api.ning.com

But the older he got, the more excited he was at the prospect of becoming a runway model.

His debut on Fashion Week propelled him to internet fame, with people dubbing him as “the hottest grandfather in China”.

Age isn’t important. Nature determines your age, but it’s you that determines the condition of your own mind,” Wang declared.

What’s his advice for others?

Credit: Redstart Media

Wang said, “You should always check to see if you have hidden potential. As soon as the thought comes into your head that it’s already too late to try something new, drive it out immediately. Don’t let it become your justification for spurning what life has to offer. No one can close your route to success apart from you yourself.

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