LOOK: 27 Hilariously Awful Cakes Ever Been Baked!

Cakes are among the most common food present in various occasions – birthdays, weddings, baptisms, and just about any kind of party there is. But if you think bakers have mastered the art of creating cakes as their customers requested, you’re wrong; because there had been thousands of times that the customers’ expectations are far too different from what the final cakes looked like!

Of course, there have been a million times that the bakers managed to surpass expectations and create the most stunning cakes but there have also been hilariously awful cakes that are sure to make you cringe and laugh hard at the same time!

Check out some of these hilarious cakes so unbelievable that they made it to the internet for us to all laugh at. Have you ever had the same experience? Don’t forget to share them with us in the comments section below.

But for now, have a good laugh at these epic cake fails…

Photo credit: Hannah Irvine

We’re quite sure whoever received the cake on the right wasn’t pleased at all with the final outcome! Although you;ve got to admit it is quite hilarious, right?