LOOK! 20 Photos of Cats that Prove They are “Demons in Disguise”

Cats are one of the few animals that humans can consider as our friends since they have been part of our history ever since the Egyptian era.  They walked among the pharaohs for some reason and that is because they are believed to have great powers.  Some people actually worship them!

However, some cats have sinister looks; that is why some people hate or even fear them. In fact, some kids don’t like cats as they are growing up since those cats have eyes that glow in the dark which appear to indicate something sinister.

Have you seen your cat lately?

You probably think that they are just wandering in your neighbor’s backyard and hunting for mice but they might be plotting something sinister.  We can’t really understand what they are talking about whenever they ‘talk’ but it might be something sinister like talking to a demon.

Here are some photos that proves that cats are demons in disguise:


demon cat 1
Image from Bored Panda

What is that glowing in the dark?