LOOK! 19 Amazing Photos that Show Creative Ways to Use PVC Pipes

If you have lived already since the 80s then you would have known the “Super Mario Brothers” as it was one of the most popular video games of the era.  They are the ones that popularized the pipes as they are plumbers who have worked all their lives with pipes.

Of course, we can’t live in the past as we also need to go on with our lives.  So as time passed by, more and more people have forgotten about them but the company seems to be serious about them, so they have made related games.

However, the pictures below prove that there are a lot of ways we could use real PVC pipes — just like the Super Mario Brothers; we just need to be creative and we can do lots of things with it.  Here is a collection of crafts that we can make out of PVC pipes.

Browse on and let your eyes do the exploring:


pvc 1
Image by Facebook/ 1 Million de Ideas

We can’t start this list without the famous plumber in the first place.

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