LOOK: 13 Surprising Uses for Vaseline

Did you know that you can use Vaseline in lots of different ways that people don’t often consider? It was back in 1859 when Robert Chesebrough discovered that oil workers were using a substance called “rod wax” they remove from oil rig pumps to heal cuts and burns – and it is quite effective!

After taking samples of the wax, he was able to extract the usable petroleum jelly and began manufacturing a product he called Vaseline; deriving the name from the German word ‘wasser’ (water) and the Greek word έλαιον (elaion or olive oil).

Today, ‘Vaseline’ is synonymous petroleum jelly in many languages – and while it is primarily used as lubricant and in healing small cuts and burns, it actually has a lot of great uses that you didn’t know about!

#1 Lengthens the Life of Perfume

Stock photo by Pixabay

I bet you didn’t know that Vaseline can be used to make perfumes last longer! All you have to do is first rub a tiny portion of the petroleum jelly on parts where you apply perfume before you actually put it on. Your pulse points are probably the best places to do that…

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