LOOK: 10 Funny Photos of People Caught in the Act of Getting Jealous

Jealousy is not a good thing and it is what destroys the relationships of many people.  However, there are some things in life that make us feel jealous as some people are just better than us.  We need to learn to accept the fact that we are not the best in what we do or have the best looks. We need to be contented in what we have since that is God’s gift to us.

But some people can’t just help but be jealous when they are with someone that has something better.  What’s awful in that situation is when someone takes a photo of you when you felt the green eyed monster come out.  Of course, that would be the funniest thing that most people would love to see.

Here are 10 people caught in the act looking jealous at someone:

Slip of the dress

loren and jayne masfield
Image captured from Youtube

Even those people from back then know how to be jealous as it has existed for centuries.  This photo can be seen floating around the internet. On the left is Sophia Loren while the other one is Jayne Mansfield.

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