Little Girl’s Dying Wish is for Parents to Name Future Baby After Her So She Will Not be Forgotten

Back in May this year, a six-year-old girl from Zhenjiang, China, known as Yue Yue, experienced dizziness and vomiting which her parents dismissed as symptoms of a common cold. Little did they know that the little girl already had a brain tumor.

Image from Muerge

To seek medical treatment for her condition, her parents brought her to Nanjing and to Shanghai. The medical treatments and the travel cost them a lot and emptied their bank accounts. The family was reportedly spending 7,000 to 8,000 yuan ($1,000-$1,200) daily.

Her uncle started sourcing funds for her medical fees. The initiative garnered nationwide attention and donations came pouring in. In a matter of days, the family was able to raise 160,000 yuan ($23,800) from donations alone.

Image from Laonanren

The day of her operation came and before she entered the operation theatre, she asked her parents to name their future baby after her, if ever she dies inside the room because she is afraid that they will forget about her.

The parents also made a promise to Yue Yue that they will return the money to the donors, as soon as she recovers.

Image from Muerge

Unfortunately, the little girl slipped into a coma after the operation and did not wake up since then.  After two weeks, the doctors decided to pull the plug and sent Yue Yue back to her hometown. She passed away after two days.

With the list of donors and the amount they donated, Yue Yue’s father started to return the money to the donors, just like what they promised the little girl when she was still alive. Some donors refused to accept the money, even asking if the amount they donated is too small. They broke down into tears as soon as they heard that Yue Yue already passed away.

Source: World of Buzz