Labrador Still Leaves Half of the Food for Her Buddy Even After its Death

Netizen Easton Dufur recently shared on Twitter the heartbreaking story of his two Labradors, Stitch and Cookie. He had Stitch when he was still in the kindergarten while Cookie came in when he was in the third grade. The two dogs got along well, and they were always together, playing and taking care of each other.

Easton narrated that he only had one bowl where his two Labradors eat. When Cookie came, Stitch took it upon himself to teach the new dog only to eat half of the food in the bowl. Since then, Cookie knew that she has to leave half of the food in the bowl so that Stitch can have some.

Image from World of Buzz

The two dogs have been together for almost ten years already. Unfortunately, Stitch recently passed away because of old age.

Since there is no other dog to share her food with, Easton only put half of the amount of the dog food than what he used to in the feeding bowl.

One day before he went to bed, Easton checked to see if Cookie ate her food. She did, but she left half of the food, thinking that Stitch should have something to eat.

Easton assured the netizens, however, that Cookie is getting all the love and care she needs right now.

Source: World of Buzz