20 Times Kids Totally Nailed Hide-and-Seek :) Can You Find Them?

We all know how cute toddlers and little kids are: the way they speak, act, and how they play with grown ups like you. They can be irresistibly adorable that you almost want to just pinch their cute faces and smack them all over.

And do you know what game these little ones are best at playing? Hide-and-Seek. These tots are so good at hiding you would want to call the cops because you won’t find them. Not until you yell, “Olly, olly oxen free!”, and they’d know they’ve won. You don’t agree?

Photo Credit: imgur.com

I seriously hope nobody wipes their shoes on the mat. 

Here are 20 photos toddlers prove it’s almost impossible to find them in a Hide-and-Seek game.

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