Kid Goes to School with Ballpen Made of Wood and Rubber Band, Refuses to Be Absent

He might be poor and could only afford to bring a makeshift ballpen made from a ballpen refill wrapped in wood and rubber band, but a kid in Samar refuses to be absent despite his difficult predicament. For this, the young lad earned praise from netizens.

The Philippine Star shared photos of the kid after picking up the post shared by Teacher Maricor Baculanta (Facebook @Moshi De Vera-Bacs) of Union Elementary School in Sta Rita, Samar.

Photo credit: Maricor Baculanta (Facebook @Moshi De Vera-Bacs)

This kid’s perseverance touched the hearts of netizens 💞

Armed with a makeshift pen made of ballpen refill, a piece of wood and rubber band, a boy from Santa Rita, Samar goes to school despite the lack of school supplies. (Photos courtesy of Maricor Baculanta).

The post has inspired a lot of netizens because the kid didn’t mind not having the proper ballpen for school; instead of complaining and quitting because his parents were too poor to buy him one, this kid made use with the resources he had.

Photo credit: Maricor Baculanta (Facebook @Moshi De Vera-Bacs)

It didn’t matter to him that the ballpen was strange and must have been a bit difficult to use, as long as he is able to go to school. This earned him admiration from many netizens.

A lot of netizens shared that they also experienced something similar back in their youth, but their lives have changed and greatly improved because they persevered. They hoped this kid would do the same.

Photo credit: Maricor Baculanta (Facebook @Moshi De Vera-Bacs)

Others called on the government to act on similar cases, focusing on the youth and students who need help.

Eto sana binibigyang pansin ng pamahalaan at kung sino man ang mga nasa matataas na position. Hindi ung mga personal na issue at kung ano2 pa na hindi naman nkaka bigay nang magandang buhay sa mamamayang Pilipino,” netizen Jesiah Aguilar commented.

Many also shared that many kids don’t care about their school supplies and even complain if they don’t get what they want, yet there are still many kids like this boy who need much help but don’t even complain despite having to use ballpens made of wood and rubber bands…

Photo credit: Maricor Baculanta (Facebook @Moshi De Vera-Bacs)

For netizens who wish to help the kid, just contact Teacher Maricor Baculanta (Facebook @Moshi De Vera-Bacs).

Sources: Teacher Maricor Baculanta (Facebook @Moshi De Vera-Bacs), RachFeed