Job Applicant Shares His Terrible Experience In Dealing With A Suspicious Agency

Nowadays, more and more people are in need of a job. Because of the number of new graduates and competition in the market, more and more job applicants are determined and very eager to find a more stable job in order to provide the necessities of their families and loved ones.

Many job hunters are searching for different work opportunities not only in the country but also abroad. A lot of Filipinos are choosing to get a stable job in another country to get better pay and opportunities to migrate abroad with their families.

An aspiring job seeker has shared his terrible experience dealing with a suspicious employment agency. For what he thought is an opportunity for him to have a job and start earning after he filled up an application form and underwent a job interview, he found out the sad truth.

Recently, a Facebook user named Cid Marion Udaund-Estrada shared his terrible experience dealing with an unidentified employment agency.

Image Credit: Cid Marion Udaundo-Estrada / Facebook

According to Cid, a certain man blocked him after arriving at the Five Star Station in Cubao. This man offered a job opportunity to him.

After talking to the said man, the job applicant was convinced of his promises and went to their office for filling up an application form and doing a job interview.

Image Credit: Cid Marion Udaundo-Estrada / Facebook

However, the problem started when after the interview, one of the staff of the company charged him with P300. The person guaranteed that the money is refundable if he would return to accept the job offer.

Cid refused to pay the amount. However, the personnel is still pushy and won’t let him go out of the establishment without getting any money. He also explained that he doesn’t have any money left to pay the amount since what he has is enough to pay for his transportation.

Before he left, he was asked to pay P10 for the paper he used.

Image Credit: Cid Marion Udaundo-Estrada / Facebook

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Whether you are a job applicant or not, please be careful.